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Chalkida vindecare SPAs

Ca Chalkida a fost privilegiat prin natura cu izvoare termale, infrastructurile corespunzătoare au fost dezvoltate pentru a oferi servicii de terapie de baie de înaltă calitate. Există aproximativ 60 hot springs cu bogat de alimentare cu apă şi temperatura variind de la 34 la 71,2 de grade la scara Celsius. Izvoarele sulfuros Chalkida au fost create din vina mare în Golful Evian Nord şi sunt considerate a fi cele mai fierbinţi în Europa. Lor de apă este bogat în calciu (Ca), magneziu (Mg) şi fier (Fe) oligoelemente. Ei au o gamă largă de proprietăţi terapeutice şi efecte benefice pentru un număr mare de boli.

În noul centru hidroterapie deţinută de G.N.T.O. (greacă naţional turism organizația), aveţi posibilitatea să baie fierbinte terapie prin cele mai recente programe terapeutice. Este unul dintre centrele hidroterapie mai mari și cele mai integrată în Grecia care are căzi de baie cu tratament special, căzi de baie mâini şi picioare şi căzi de baie duş scoțian. În piscina în aer liber aveţi hidroterapie tratament la un cost scăzut. În plus, Centrul de fizioterapie cu fitness şi echipamente electroterapie oferă o combinaţie ideală de fizioterapie şi spa care îmbunătăţeşte rezultatele terapie dramatic.
Există, de asemenea, multe privat-facilităţi în aer liber sau interior-spa baie și bazine care aparţin hoteluri pentru a satisface nevoile de amatori de scăldat. Pe plaja municipale, baie fierbinte terapie, cuprinde un cadou unic prin natura ca gushes apă caldă de pe fundul mării, oferind experienţă combinate rară de o baie fierbinte medicinical şi o baie mare reinvigorating.
Gama larga de tratamente hidroterapie face Chalkida una dintre cele mai mari spa resorts în Grecia şi una dintre cele mai importante din lume. 

The 3 thermal water actions

Although most reports on the therapeutic effects of the thermal water coming from empirical observations, gradually become-and our-country surveys for the thermal waters, the beneficial properties of which are:
➔ In their heat, which contributes to the dilatation of vessels, relax the muscles and relieve pain.
➔ In the dissolved solid ingredients (e.g. sodium, potassium, magnesium, radium, iron) and gases (oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen) that contain that enter the body.
➔ In the phenomenon of buoyancy, which makes the moves easier and causes muscle relaxation.

The benefits of thermal water

At rheumatic diseases
The majority of visitors visiting the hot springs-mainly with radioycha warm waters-for relief from rheumatism (rheumatoid arthritis, shoulder arthritis, knee etc.). Indeed, in a study of Loutraki Health found that, after 21 days of treatment, the bathers with rheumatism reported reduced pain and increased mobility of the sufferer.

At skin-diseases
Eczema and psoriasis are the main diseases for which becomes balneotherapy (particularly with natrioycha, moderate levels of Radium water). In accordance with the announcement of the Italian Universities of Naples and Parma, after four years of tracking 50 bathers with psoriasis, observed reduction of redness and skin's psoriatic plaques.

In the musculoskeletal system
The bathers with lumbago and sciatica pain and retreat report improving their mobility, while suffering from cervical syndrome indicate in addition and reduction of headache, according to Health data of Loutraki. It is no coincidence that in Italy the great sports rehabilitation centers located in spas.

In asthma
According to a study by the University of Parma in Italy 1,476 bathers, found that in the year after the thermal water inhalation (mainly water without radon sulfide) decreased from 95% to 39% in the proportion of those who had need for inhaled medicines. In our country is not developed the inhalation, unlike Europe and especially Italy, where prescribed by doctors in adults and children.

On kidney stones
Already from 1957 was announced in Greek medical symposium that drinking mineral water with water of Loutraki dissolves kidney stones, facilitating their elimination from the body. Similar action has been observed and the gallstones (However, the mineral water therapy is prohibited when there is a stomach ulcer or duodenal bulb).

In high blood pressure (hypertension)
According to studies of the universities of Naples and Milan, the balneotherapy reduce stress because of aggeiodiastolis causes. Also, in a study of 45 Health Loutraki bathers with hypertension aged from 40 to 90 years, it was found that the pressure either not changed or dropped.

In Cholesterol
At thermalistikes the mud therapy treatments (mixing natural clay with thermal water). In accordance with the first announcements of the Department of chemistry of the University of Athens, it seems that the mud baths are not only relieves the musculoskeletal system and skin diseases, but also reduces cholesterol! However, the mode of action of clay still investigated. However, the same conclusion reached and Italian study of the University of Parma in 90 patients, 37-86 years, with musculoskeletal problems (it was found, i.e., pain reduction, reduction of blood pressure and cholesterol). In our country mud therapy is done in areas where there is natural clay (Krinides Kavalas, Pikrolimni Thes Salonika), but also to modern spas (e.g. Loutraki Korinthias).

In Female inflammations
The thermal waters are considered beneficial for the female inflammations, although this action has not been extensively studied. In the study, however, of the universities of Padua and Parma in 50 women-including half did balneotherapy and the other half were taking medication for inflammation, including salpingitis, cervicitis or vaginitis-found that the bathrooms were just as therapeutic drugs.           
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